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Website Copyright Notice

All original text on the Fairs 'n Squares website is copyright by the Fairs 'n Squares Square Dance Club of Framingham, MA.

*--Richard Serwetman--* 11-JUN-2013

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Picture Copyrights notice

2001-2013 Richard Serwetman

  1. In general, all the attached photographs were taken
  2. Unless explicitly stated elsewhere, no one in the photographs has given permission to use their image for commercial purposes. However, in general photographs of people taken in public places may be used for non-commercial purposes.
  3. Unless stated elsewhere, all the enclosed photographs were taken by or for Richard Serwetman, referenced here as the Photographer. The Photographer retains all rights to these photographs.
  4. For the purposes of this copyright, the definition of a copy of a photograph includes a print, a digital copy, or other replica, whether such copy is of the entire photograph or a subset of the photograph or a modification of the photograph.
  5. No copy of these photographs may be made for any commercial purpose or for use within a publication offered for sale or for use in any other media distributed for sale unless written permission is granted by the Photographer.
  6. The Photographer hereby grants the individuals or organizations identified in this section, permission to make copies of these photographs for the specified purposes. Copies of these photographs may be made
  7. Organizations that are explicitly recognized as meeting the intent of paragraph 6 above include

*--Richard Serwetman--*


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