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Some of our club members - Nov 2004
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Dancing since 1962

The Fairs 'n Squares are a well organized and structured club. The club was created in 1962. We have been incorporated in Massachusetts as a non-profit organization since 1968. We have a Board of Directors that serve on behalf of the club membership. The Board oversees the running of all the club activities. Eight couples are elected to the board. The Presidents appoint additional board members and committee chairmen.

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we host square and round dancing

Our primary activity is dancing. We run a dozen dances each year between October and May. See our Calendar  for this years schedule. Our dances provide both Square Dancing and Round Dancing each evening. When we are not hosting a dance, we frequently travel to dances at other area clubs. Our Travel chairmen arrange visits to other clubs - these travel events are known as Raids.

we teach square dancing

Teaching Square Dancing is another primary activity of this club. We want to share our enjoyment with others. Many club members attend the classes as 'angels' to support the new class members that are learning to square dance. See our Join The Fun  page for more details.

Square Dancing
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we perform community service

We believe in supporting our community. We provide community support in a variety of ways. One of our activities is helping with the WGBH public TV fund raising telethon.

FNS members man the phones for WGBH

we provide a $1,000 scholarship

Each year we donate $1,000 to a selected local college student. Funding for this is raised by our members with contributions from the Square Dance community. We hold a raffle with hundreds of dollars in prizes to raise the funds. Recently, we had many prizes that were donated to the raffle by local restaurants, stores, and businesses.

FNS members presenting scholarship check
Scholarship Award
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we attend a square dance weekend

Once each year many of the club members go away together for a full weekend of mostly square dance activities. For the past several years we have selected the last weekend in October to go to the Inn at East Hill Farm. Callers Bruce McCue and Jack O'Leary (the Silver Sounds) run this weekend along with a selected cuer. The farm provides wonderful food all weekend. There are no scheduled dance activities on Saturday afternoon, so we have time to go touring in the area. One year we were hiking along a stream and found a beautiful little wooden bridge. We couldn't resist testing our dancing abilities.

Weekend Dancing
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Dancing on a bridge
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East Hill Farms
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we attend conventions

Each year there is a Regional Square Dance Convention. Over a thousand dancers from all over New England and Canada enjoy square dancing from late Friday afternoon through noon on Sunday. This event is usually held on the third weekend in April.

New England Convention

In late June there is a National Square Dance Convention. Many thousands of dancers from around the country join up for many days of dancing fun. In addition, our club members enjoy touring in the area of the convention (which changes every year).

picnics, potlucks, and parties

We have no shortage of opportunities to eat and drink together. We have one picnic gathering each summer. A couple of times each year we gather for a Pot Luck Dinner prior to a dance. We host a party for an hour or so after every home dance and travel event.

New Years Eve Dinner
Summer Picnic

costume events

On varius occasions, the FNS members will gather in strange costumes. Halloween is one of the excuses we use for this.


theater and singing groups

Many of our members participate in other organized activities, such as community theatre, formal singing groups, or arts and crafts displays. The FNS members will often provide support, as a group, to the performer by attending performances, encouraging their performance, and perhaps going out for drinks or dinner afterwards.

Here is a picture of member Glenn Ickler performing in a community theater play, which was directed by member Carol Myers.

community theatre
Glenn At Willows
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