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A Fairs 'n Squares Photo Album

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The FNS held a graduation event on 16-MAY-2013. The event included dancing, a Fun Tip (dancing with a shoe box on one foot), the game of Jeopardy (with square dance questions), introduction of the Board, awarding diplomas and new badges, refreshments, presentations by the class, more dancing, and a roller coaster ride. In addition to the twelve new graduates (named in the picture below) two experienced dancers recieved their badges for joining our club: Denise Duffee and Linda Fowler.

Here are pictures of the class and of all the club members at this event
Click on the picture for the full size image.
EHF 2012

Graduates from left to right: Mike Stolicny, Eadie and Dick Adams, Anita Ouellette, Maria Lesser, Bob Ouellette, Sheldon Lesser, Steve Park (class caller) Angela Clark, Pat and Mike Beeler, Karen Maloney, and Jean Kentfield.

EHF 2012

Club members, including graduates, in the photo approximately located from left to right: Mike Powers, Kappy Kaplow, Claire Morin, Glenn (behind Claire) & Jo Ickler, Rich & Chris Serwetman (kneeling), Doris & Gene Saltsgaver (in back row), Judy Powers (behind Chris), Cricket Port, Denise Duffee (behind Cricket), Phil & Lynn Sa (kneeling), Sheldon (behind Lynn) and Maria Lesser, Eddie and Dick Adams, Linda Fowler (in yellow), Marcia & Donn Soldan (kneeling), Anita Ouellette (in back row), Angela Clark (in front of Anita), Mike Stolicny (behind Donn), Sue Sullivan (in white), Ann Fogarty (also behind Donn), Bob Ouellette (behind Sue), Pat & Mike Beeler, Noreen Lilja (in front of Mike B.), Sheryl Roberts (kneeling in front of Noreen), Lucky Lilja (in back row), Karen Moloney (behind the two ladies in red), Carol & Bill Myers (standing in back), Jean Kentfield (in front of Carol), Gerda Chaflin (kneeling, between Karen & Jean), Bob Banks (rightmost kneeling person), Stu & Fran Cooper (with white tops), Jon Roberts (behind Fran), Bob Rykbost, Alma (behind Bob R) and Bob Gould.

Click here to see a few more pictures from the event:
GRAD 2013

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NYE 2012

The FNS held a dinner and dance to welcome in the New Year. About 70 people joined us for the dinner, including Caller Jay Silva, Cuer Harriett Clarke, and their spouses. The dinner was catered by TJs Food and Spirits of Ashland, MA, and was served by our club volunteers.
Many more dancers joined us for the dance. Many of the dancers came from the Baldwin Apples, Silva Swingers, Single Squares, Great Plain Squares, and other clubs. Dancing continued into the beginning of the new year.
Here are a few pictures from the event:
NYE 2012

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07-NOV-2012 FNS Demo at Oak Knoll

The FNS conducted a Square Dance Demo at the Oak Knoll nursing facility. Our thanks to Jane Carlson for calling. Club members included: Gerda Chalfin, Stu & Fran Cooper, Ray & Rena Greenup, Kappy Kaplow, Bill & Carol Myers, Mike Powers, Bob & Marcia Rykbost, Ed & Barbara Uftring Here are a few pictures from the event:
Demo at Oak Knoll 2012

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26 to 28 OCT 2012 FnS Club Weekend at East Hill Farm

Over two dozen club members gathered for the annual club weekend at the Inn at East Hill Farm near Troy, NH. Here are a few pictures from the gathering:
FnS at East Hill Farm 2012

Here is a picture of the club members at this event
Click on the picture for the full size image.
EHF 2012

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11-AUG-2012 FnS Club Picnic

Our club members gathered for the annual club picnic at the Kaplow Kottage near Onset, MA. Here are a few pictures from the gathering:
FnS Club Picnic 2012

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18-MAY-2012 Demo at AK Foster High School

One square of FNS dancers attended the Cultural Enlightenment Celebration at the Abby Kelly Foster High School in Worcester. One of the many events that day was a square dance demo. The FNS was represented by:

  • Steve Park, Caller
  • Mike & Judy Powers
  • Phil & Lynn Sa
  • Donn & Marcia Soldan
  • Sue Sullivan
  • John Magoun (of Northboro)

Attached here is one video of the FNS square (without any students) demonstating a hash tip and a singing call. A second video shows many students participating in a square dance.
Click to play a video:
FNS demo (without any students) [MPEG-4 - 8 minutes]
FNS demo (with students) [MPEG-4 - 7 minutes]

Here are a dozen still pictures from the demo:

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22-APR-2012 FnS 50th Anniversary Dance

Our club celebrated its 50th Anniversary on Sunday 22-APR-2012 at the Plymouth Church Hall in Framingham.
Here are a few dozen still pictures from the evening:
Fns 50th Anniversary Dance

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29-MAR-2012 Live Music in Class

Our class danced to live music performed for us by:

  • George Chapman on banjo
  • Pat Rooney on fiddle
  • Ed Bogusz on bass
  • Donn Soldan on guitar
  • Steve Demers on dobro

Click to play a video:
Live Music Video 1 [.MOV < 1 minute]
Live Music Video 2 [.MOV < 1 minute]
Live Music Video 3 [MPEG-4 - 8 minutes]

Here are a couple of dozen still pictures from the evening:

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New Year's Eve 2009

Our New Year's Eve celebration began with a delicious dinner.
NYE Dancing

Dozens of dancers came for the evenings events. Here a just a few:
NYE Dancing NYE Dancing

We danced through the night and into the New Year
NYE Dancing

We have many more pictures to share with you - just click here

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Oak Knoll Demo

A group of us entertained the patients and staff at the Oak Knoll Health Care Center.

Oak Noll Demo picture collection

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Halloween 2009

Halloween class party on 2009-10-29.
1) Jim, Sally, Shirley, OOFPP, Gerda, Donn.
2) Also, just the OOFPP (One-eyed, One-eared, Purple People Eater)

Halloween Picture 1 - Halloween Picture 1

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Club Weekend 2008

These pictures are also at:
room code: squaredance

To obtain pictures posted at SNAPFISH.COM see these instructions.

Each year the Fairs 'n Squares selects and attends a Square Dance Weekend. For 2008 we selected (for about the twelve year in a row) a weekend run by Bruce McCue and held at the Inn at East Hill Farm. Here are a few pictures we took on this weekend.

The first dance of the weekend occured on Halloween (Fri 31-OCT-2008). Many of the dancers appeared in costume


Sherlock Columbo described the awful death that had occured last night.


On the next day, 19 of our club members piled into a half dozen cars and meandered through Southern New Hampshire, following the Ashuelot River we stopped at seven beautiful covered bridges. We square danced on or near each bridge with the help of caller Jane Carlson. We had perfect weather and passed gorgous scenary along the way.

2008_11_01_EastHill_SatAft (pix by Rich Serwetman) 
2008_11_01_EastHill_SatAft (pix by Doreen O'Conner)

We had a formal dance on Saturday night (Sat 01-NOV-2008). Everyone turned out in full square dance outfits.


Every year, all the FNS members present for this weekend, sit for a club picture. This is the 2008 club picture.

2008 club picture (53K)

The McCues hosted a party after the dance on Saturday Night. One of the featured events was a continuation of the Murder Mystery. Sherlock Columbo interviewed three witnesses.


The FNS also enjoyed an afterparty after the party. We had three new members of the club join us. We also celebrated Stu Cooper's birthday and Bill Smalley's 80th birthday.


The final Square Dance workshop was held on Sunday Morning. During the workshop, Sherlock Columbo revealed the amazing but true sequence of events, and solved the murder mystery, and received a standing ovation.

2008_11_02 - Sun_Morn - Sherlock_Columbo

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To obtain digital copies of any picture on this page, send a description of which pictures you want to pictures@fairsnsquares.com.

Note: We encourage use of pictures for your personal use, and for any use that promotes square dancing. These pictures may not be sold, used for commercial purposes, used to discourage square dancing, or used for any other non-approved purpose without written permission from the photographer.

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